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  • Mindfulness-Based Crown Facility Roundtable Coaching

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    Mindfulness-Based Crown Facility RoundTable Coaching, serves as a focal point for intimate discussion with peers who share the affinity of being oppressed and semi-defeated.

    Over a 6 week period each 1 to 2 hour self- created session forms a foundation where each participant develops:

    • intimate interactions which addresses the root cause of existing circumstances,
    • an opportunity to transition from a negative to a positive mind set,
    • realistic goals which both free and empower, and
    • a strong life-long support system of experienced accountable battle-buddies.

    Designed for people who suffer from repeated bouts of depression or chronic unhappiness. A long with repeat run-ins with the law and life stability issues. It combines the ideas of cognitive therapy with meditative practices and attitudes based on the cultivation of mindfulness.

    Previous clients have overcome:

    • Depression and anxiety
    • Life stability issues
    • Low mood and negative thoughts
    • Body sensations such as weariness and sluggishness

    If your Facility or organization can relate to any of the above issues for your clients, Crown Elevate Project is the place for your ladies.