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  • High Heels & Your Posture: The Battle is Real

    It has been a long time since high-heeled shoes were first introduced. In murals dating back 3500 years, you can find these shoes shown in detail. In 1533, the first women’s heeled shoes made expressly to lengthen a woman’s legs were created, and high heel shoes have been a part of fashion and culture ever since. 

    Even so, they’re not a stylish option. The health risks of wearing high heels on a regular basis have been well documented. Despite the fact that they may make your body appear in a specific way, the trade-offs in terms of injuries and posture difficulties are not worth it. 

    Your Muscles Will Change… 

    Muscle memory is a concept that’s undoubtedly familiar to you. Our muscles have a tendency to adopt the posture we’ve been practicing for a long time. Having to wear high heels for long periods of time forces your foot and ankle into an unnatural plantarflexed position. Your leg muscles develop shorter and tighter as a result, while others become longer and weaker over time. As a result, these muscular imbalances have a direct impact on your whole body posture. 

    Wearing high heels can cause lower back pain, knee problems, and a hunched back posture. As a result, you’ll be more likely to have ankle and knee sprains as a result of these disorders. Wearing high heels may also be a factor in the development of knee osteoarthritis, a condition in which the joints begin to wear down.