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  • Financial Literacy Coaching for Organizations

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    Financial Literacy Coaching for Organizations

    This year, we wish to emphasize on REBUILDING and THRIVING through financial literacy Coaching Programs. Finish with an E-Learning Program and After-care Workbook! Even though we have a large following and a distinct brand identity, we want to be able to expand it and be relevant for a much longer period of time. In addition, we want every woman who identifies as female to achieve the same level of financial independence through dialogues with peers who share a similar experience of being repressed and semi-defeated.

    To demonstrate how Personal Financial Coaching may be used effectively in a group situation where cohorts are experiencing chronic financial instability is the purpose of this program. Using a variety of tools and learning scenarios, this module can either introduce clients to the idea of working through the steps of financial elevation coaching in a group context or deepen their existing knowledge of its practical implementation. Recovering communication best practices will be discussed and applied to the participants’ new lifestyles.

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