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  • Crown Woman's Opioid Recovery Coaching for Organizations

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    “Crown Woman’s Opioid Recovery Coaching Training” is for our sisters who need it real, raw, and relevant. Let’s come together to be a part of something greater!

    The reason for this training is to provide Intensive Recovery Coaching, applied in a group setting where cohorts are suffering from chronic opioid addiction. This module will either introduce client’s to the concept of working the steps of recovery coaching in a group setting or add to their understanding of its application through the use of various tools and learning scenarios. Participants will be guided to consider how best practices in recovery communication can be applied to their new lifestyle .


    1. Host in-person life coaching Opioid recovery trainings
    2. Identify professional resources and engage at-risk women in conversations that promote healthier behaviors or lead them to more professional medical and mental health support.
    3. Recognize how eliciting and encouraging change talk can invoke a continued commitment to beneficial changes for chronic pain patients

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