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  • Creating a Parenting Plan as a Teen Mother

    Relationships would be unbreakable in an ideal world. Having an unmarried teen parent is a reality that affects the whole family, including the children. It is critical that both parents work together to come up with a co-parenting plan to ensure the safety and security of their children in the weeks and months following birth. 

    Keeping Your Child’s Future in Mind 

    To put it simply, a co-parenting plan is a comprehensive document outlining how parents will continue to raise their children following a divorce or separation. Things like how much time children spend with each parent, how major and minor decisions are made, how information is shared and exchanged and more are laid out in this document. You should approach the development of a co-parenting plan with your children’s best interests in mind, even though there are no hard and fast rules about how to format or include information in such a document If you want a useful document, you must put aside any personal issues, emotions or pettiness and focus on what is best for your children. 

    A list of things to include. 

    Note that state-by-state variations in co-parenting laws exist. Despite this, the following five clauses are common in most: 

    A Summing-Up of the Situation 

    The plan will usually begin by stating that the parents will be sharing the responsibility of raising their child or children. Involved in this are both joint decision-making and daily routines. 

    Outline the duties of parents. 

    It is agreed that all important aspects of the children’s welfare will be communicated between the parents in this agreement section. This includes making decisions about their health, education, and religious upbringing, among other things. 

    Detailed information 

    How you plan to timeshare can be discussed in this section. Routine time, activity time, overnight stays, and so on are all included in this. 

    Provide an outline of how you and your ex plan to celebrate and commemorate major holidays and special occasions. 

    Modifications to the Timeline 

    Any agreement on co-parenting should state how long it will last and that it will need to be reviewed and adjusted as time goes on. 

    These are just a few general guidelines to get you started. You can tailor your plan to your specific situation. 

    Making Your Co-Parenting Plan Easier 

    In order to come up with the best plan for your family, you should seek advice from a professional. While a lawyer can assist you with legal matters, a family counselor can assist you in improving your family’s ability to communicate. For the sake of your children, you’ll need to be able to navigate your emotions and be able to hear and be heard. Working with a therapist can help you communicate more effectively and openly. 

    In order to create an effective co-parenting plan that will help both of you raise happy and successful children, please get in touch with me so that we can discuss your options.