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  • Benefits of Mental Health & Life Coaching Professionals Stepping in Instead of Police

    In the United States, mental health crises are on the rise. We also have a dearth of crisis services, so police officers are often the first responders to mental health crises across the country. 

    Because of this epidemic, many communities have created Crisis Intervention Teams (CITs) to help combat the problems that arise. More than 27,000 communities across the country have already implemented CIT initiatives. Through CIT, law enforcement and mental health professionals, as well as people with mental health issues, will be able to communicate more effectively. CIT programs not only enhance collaboration, but they also provide comprehensive training, direct those in need of assistance to the most appropriate resources, and ensure that everyone in the neighborhood is safe and protected.

    Additional Benefits of These Crisis Intervention Programs

    CIT programs can also:

    • Keep those with mental health issues out of prison and get them into treatment.
    • Provide law enforcement officers the resources to do their job safely.
    • Allow police officers to focus on reducing crime.
    • Save the community money. Research has found incarceration is far more costly than a treatment program. 

    How You Can Help

    If you are a mental health professional, police officer, or a family member of someone living with a mental health issue, you can help change how your local community responds to these crises. You can search the National Alliance on Mental Illness website to find your local affiliate. Every person and every voice helps spread this important message far and wide. So please consider advocating today.


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