Princess Brownfield,
    Founder, Creator

    Serving All Identifying Women Whether
    Re-Entering into Society or Wanting
    Safe and Confidential Coaching

    Mental Wellness Life Coaching Services Tailored to The Needs of All Gender Defining, Incarcerated/Facility Bound Women

    Women Mental Wellness Life Coaching Tailored Towards Rebuilding and Flourishing!

    About Us: Crown Elevate Project is the only mental wellness life coaching company of its kind. There has never been a mental wellness life coaching company specifically tailored to the needs of all gender defining women, and incarcerated/facility bound women. Because my clientele are specifically the most at risk, I can expressly target their unique needs.

    Crown Elevate Project, Offers Up a wide range of Coaching services for all gender defining women most coming to me dealing with the impact of homelessness, the criminal justice system, LGBTQI-A issues, and women veteran trauma.
    Guiding all gender defining women looking to elevate out of whatever might be holding them back from crowning success. Offering “Short-Term” self-created sessions to all woman no matter their situation wanting to go deep within themselves to change their thinking that has kept them back from success and elevated growth.

    My services specifically target the most at risk, gender identifying woman rather than the average woman. At a time when all these women face many new confusing circumstances, and wellness concerns, Crown Elevate Project specialized services will holistically encourage behavior enhancement, healthy habits, and mindful self-care.

    To receive a small boost of support can make the difference between failure and success…


    To improve the quality of all women’s way of thinking by offering.. Mental wellness coaching programs using real time interactions and supporting the health and wellbeing of all gender defining women who have had trauma, encounters with the justice system, reentering society and overcoming life’s traumas.


    Continuously responding to an overlooked demographic that needs wellness support after their experiences. All gender defining women will get access to or gain .. intimate interactions which addresses the root cause of existing circumstances, an opportunity to transition from a negative to a positive mind set, realistic goals which both free and empower, and a strong life-long support system of experienced accountable coaching.

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